QA agency
Software testing. Attention to details
QA agency
Software testing. Attention to details
Mobile application testing
Manual testing
Automation testing
Functional testing
Usability testging
Design testing
-10% for full time QA
We offer a discount
for full time work
Whom we can help
Our goal is to be a part of your team
Our team is going to help with functional testing or regression tests cases after new features implementation. Automated tests can help you to find out the troubles before the users.
Web designers
We suggest checking the studio's works. Functional testing, design testing on real mobile devices, API testing, test cases creating — we have a wide range of services to offer.
Web services
Our team can provide an experienced tester for a fast-growing company. We are ready to help with manual and automation testing.
Part time or full time job — it doesn't matter. We are ready to be involved in your project as soon as possible. Our team can solve the most difficult issues in any projects.
Insurance companies
Online payments, Insurance calculations, mobile applications — these are components of a modern insurance company. Test team needs to be always ready to any challenges.
Production studios
Design testing in the most popular browsers, mobile devices and SmartTVs. Your team can entrust us a plenty of QA duties.
Why us?
10+ years of experience in QA
The company has run since 2010. We have finished more than 1000 assignments
Full responsibility for our work
If we've done our job in bad faith, we will refund money
Our own testing tools
We are developing our own testing tools which help us spend less time of testing or give a full log of bugs.
Full package of QA documents and free assessment work on testing
Our short workflow
Contact us
Contact us via email or phone call and describe your issue
Free estimate
Our QA Leads prepare a free price estimate for your project
Testing and result
QA team starts testing flow according to technical requirement and give a qualified result
If you wanna thank us or tell off us, please, feel free via [email protected]
About us
Since 2010 our team has successfully completed more than one thousand projects. We've tested hundreds of online stores, mobile apps, landing pages, competitions, etc.

Managing and testing process is totally remote. Our team includes people from Russia and European countries.

The team check applications only on real mobile devices or real desktop browsers which are used by common users.

Each of QA workflow is accompanied by QA Lead. At the end of our job you receive: filled up list of test cases, list of bugs and issues, and report on quality of project.

A few feedbacks from our customers
Я был первым, кто вскрыл этот блюр на отзывах.... Дальше была темнота и редкие воспоминания. Помню, что чувствовал легкость и умиротворение. Читал стихи. Ковырял в ухе. Ел уху. Зачем я все это сделал? Кто я? Зачем пришел сюда? Забавно, но мне необходимо было только тестирование одного большого проекта.
Полет Самолетов
Серьезно, ребят, мы не собираем отзывы. Мы просто работаем. Хорошо. Долго. Плодотворно.
Евгений Пономаренко
Руководитель группы тестировщиков
Тут какая-то шутка про тестировщиков:
Заходит однажды тестировщик в бар.
Забегает в бар. Пролезает в бар. Танцуя, проникает в бар. Крадется в бар. Врывается в бар. Прыгает в бар.
Шутник и Компания
Шутки за 200
Зачем? Ну зачем я снова открыл этот блюр? Что я хотел тут увидеть? Хотя с моего последнего посещения здесь стало веселее
Полет Самолетов
"We don't unveil confidential information about our customers and don't collect feedbacks about our job. Just one "feedback" that we would like to receive is a satisfied user and customer who will come back to us with a new task"

Eugene Ponomarenko
Head of QA department
We don't have any offices, but you could call us or email us

All our teams are remote and work in different time zones.
Business time 07:00 — 17:00 GMT
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